A Pinball park, a park to have fun.

The Presence of the Guadalhorce Valley is imposed on the views of the place, we are part of the valley and the park makes it part of its essence, and as is natural the terrain descends towards the valley, the terrain descends and we rise, we want to feel the air as you descend towards the valley.

The park is movement, it is elevation, the park is a meeting place, the park is coexistence, the park is nature, the park is architecture that floats and carries, in the park everyone has their place, the park is a place for everyone , children, elderly, young people, adults, couples, lovers, students, loners, gregarious, dog lovers and children willing to get soaked in the fountain of water games, skaters descending quickly down the walkway and in the park. skate defy gravity, friends who are in the stands and watching the world smoke a cigarette, parents who sit at a table on the terrace of the kiosk watching their children play, that couple who in the shade of an oak tree does sports in the devices without knowing that they practice the noble art of calisthenics, for the group of friends who meet in the corner of the park that allows them to study and connect to the Wi-Fi, for that girl who watches her dog play in the games scattered around the dog park, while chatting with the friend whom he sees every day at the same time, for that couple who slowly descends towards the valley walkway and from there contemplates the flow of life and imagines when the sea reached the shores of Cártama and for those who after seeing the exhibition decide to have a coffee and for those who simply wander in this territory in which everyone has a place

Project carried out with Virginia Baena Rodríguez, architect and Carlos Castaño Gil, architecture student