Your neighborhood bank
We are the ones who are with you.

Let’s give people a place
to live together, to chat, to be.
A bench to regain strength.
A bench in the shade from the sun and rain.
We’re going to be a nice place. A place that connects with nature.
We are going to welcome people under the protection of the trees.
We are going to work with light, with color.
We want entering the bank to be a break. A being at ease.

We created a porch surrounded by wood, where people can sit, rest, protect themselves from the sun or rain, a comfortable wooden seat, to talk and meet… where are we? Wait for me at the Globalcaja bank… we are going to be part of the life of the neighborhood.
We are going to create an office where being pleasant, bright, warm, soft, we can think of the branch as a meeting place, to chat and have a drink. natural materials, controlled, warm light, trees marking the meeting areas.
Horizontal windows without carpentry with bone glass, at eye level, to see and be seen, marking the horizon.