Áloraexperience or the experience of public space

Contest held with Javier Ingelmo and Cristina Manzanares. Architects

ArchitectsTake advantage of the synergies generated by tourism to renew and improve public space at the service of citizens.

Currently, tourism is an economic and cultural phenomenon that begins, begins, at the moment when a person, from their computer, tablet, phone, begins to search, receives images, information, remembers the photos they saw on Facebook of their friends, He read the comments from his last vacation.

The tourist trip begins in the living room before at the airport, train station or in the car. Being a tourist destination is, above all, being a virtual tourist destination, having its own personality in the world of the internet.

The tourist excursion is an experiential experience, you travel to live new experiences, you travel to be able to tell what you have experienced, to take a selfie and upload it to social networks, you travel to have experiences in the form of visual memories, different, new, unique .

Alora, due to its southern access location to the Caminito del Rey, has repositioned its tourist profile as a cultural and experiential destination and the objective of the ALORAEXPERIENCE proposal is to provide the surroundings of the Alora castle and the Arrabal with a recognizable, unique presence and personality, which puts in value the existing heritage and generates in the visitor the possibility of living a different, singular and retratable experience.

The ALORAEXPERIENCE intervention aims, not only, to draw the attention of the tourism market on the internet, but also and above all, to generate spaces, meeting places, walks for the citizens of Alora. May the people of Alore rediscover the landscape and cultural environment of their city, which allows them to feel proud of their castle and its surroundings, not only during the Holy Week procession, but throughout the entire year. Let people go up to the ALORAEXPERIENCE viewpoints to talk about their things in the company of the landscape, the mountains, the sky that surrounds them.