What We Do

We are driven by both the culture and the climate of the place, we work with all the senses alert.

The project is an open investigation without prejudices looking for the accurate architectural answer.

We work, both in new buildings and in interventions in existing buildings.

Our work covers all types of new architectural projects or interventions in existing buildings or design of commercial spaces.

We work on all the scales of the architectural project, from the general plan to the detail of the railing.

In architectural projects we place special emphasis on the bioclimatic study of the building, we have been researching and working on bioclimatic architecture projects for many years.

With the support of the client we seek to achieve the passivhaus in each project.

We understand bioclimatic architecture as one more quality of the building, one more contribution to the general configuration of the building, but that does not constitute its image, the search for comfort, the identification with the architectural space guides our work.

We carry out all the management of the architectural project, from the beginning, the first procedures with the town halls, the procedures for obtaining the building license, up to the obtaining of the first occupation license.

We look for several offers of budget for the work, compare and contrast them. We are looking for the greatest economy and safety in construction.

We carry out projects and works of commercial stores, in which we are in charge of both the design and the work, management economy and opening licences with the different municipal and regional institutions.

In the architectural project we seek that all the aspects that define an architectural work are in harmony and that all the technicians who work in it, technical architects, engineers, installation engineers, landscapers, etc., carry out their work correctly.